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Helpful Links

These are links to flag-related sites of interest and general retail sites available over the Internet. These links will be updated regularly.

Flag Manufacturers Association of America
Is Your American Flag Made In The USA? The Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA) proudly sponsors the “Certified Made in the USA” certification program to ensure the American flags you purchase are homegrown with pride.

North American Vexillological Association (NAVA)
This is the home site of the North American Vexillological Association, a group of flag scholars. This site is great for educators, as it contains downloads of flag coloring pages for many different countries. It is also a good site for those looking for help designing a municipal or organizational flag.

Antique US Flag Assessment
Found an old flag in grandma’s attic and want to know what its worth? This is the place to go. This site is hosted by Dave Martucci, a prominent US flag historian.

Smithsonian - July 1942: United We Stand
Sponsored by the Smithsonian this site features a collection of magazine covers with US Flags from July 4th, 1942. Great for WWII nostalgia buffs.

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